Members are required to display the AEMAA logo on every page of their website, to communicate effectively the endorsement and association of AEMAA of and with said member. This is required in order for members to allocate continuing education units or credits to successful participants of their available programs. The number of credits endorsed by the AEMAA directly corresponds to the number of continuing education credits received for completing a comparable offline certification course. The number of credits awarded will generally be less for recertification than certification, given the tendency for the former to require less preparation.

Those who are endorses are expected to maintain the integrity, quality, and accuracy of all content through which they received their accreditation. In the event a member changes anything including, but not limited to, content, examinations, and/or images, application for membership must be resubmitted to the AEMAA. As programs are added or edited between evaluation and reevaluation periods, the education provider is required to submit all added or edited content within 60 days of the additions being published on said provider's website. Resubmitted applications will be accepted or denied within one month of submission. Failure to notify the AEMAA and reapply for membership will result in a revocation of active membership and endorsement.

Re-evaluation will take place every two years. All logos found below are valid and communicate AEMAA's endorsement and association.