Application and Requirements

AEMAA membership is highly prestigious and exclusive with respect to admission standards. Less than satisfactory scores in any requirement area will result in denial of membership. Applicants who are not admitted are encouraged to address their substandard qualities, and reapply once the standard of quality is achieved.

If your organization is interested in applying for membership with AEMAA, you are encouraged to read and understand our requirements.


- Must be a website service providing entirely online medical certification examination and/or learning courses

- Individuals must be able to complete exams entirely online

- No physical exam or fax completion is to be required for certification

- Exams curriculum must be based on most current governing guidelines available

- Website must clearly state all claims, in a factual, appropriate manner

- Course training materials, physical or online, must be available

- Customer ease-of-use will be a factor in approval, if usability is limited

- Secure Customer payment options

- Ability to pause progress of an exam for completion at another time

- Helpful and effective Customer Support staff

Be as thorough as possible when filling out the application form. Do not send a second application form prior to a decision concerning the first. All requirements play a significant role in the approval process, with a varying degree of impact. We encourage you to apply, and hope for the opportunity to make Health Care Professionals confident in your online medical teaching programs.

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