The American Emergency Medical Advisory Association

The American Emergency Medical Advisory Association (AEMAA) strives to be your trusted source of confidence when selecting an online medical teaching program. Applicants are put through a six-to-nine month review period, during which they are evaluated on the curriculum, integrity, value, customer service, and ease of use of their program. Any service bearing our seal has thrived through months of vigorous examination to earn our seal, and therefore, your confidence.

As a medical professional, you may be required to certify or recertify certain credentials, including continuing education credit hours, to maintain your professional standing. Our organization was founded with the purpose of separating online medical teaching programs - the excellent from the inadequate. The presence of our seal signifies the convenience, cost effectiveness, and quality of a particular online service. AEMAA's central mission is to increase the opportunity for medical professionals to obtain the highest quality online certification or training material in place of traditionally accepted in-person courses.

Many aspects of the medical community are transitioning to online options, and our seal serves as recognition of the best.