AEMAA (American Emergency Medical Advisory Association) strives daily to be your trusted source of confidence when selecting an online medical teaching program. Applicants are put through a six-to-nine month



Members are required to display the AEMAA logo on every page of their website, to communicate effectively the endorsement and association of AEMAA of and with said member.



AEMAA membership is highly prestigious and exclusive with respect to admission standards. Less than satisfactory scores in any requirement area will result in denial of membership.

The American Emergency Medical Advisory Association

The American Emergency Medical Advisory Association (AEMAA) is a nonprofit organization with a purpose to recognize, evaluate, and visibly endorse the most effective providers of self-study continuing medical education and certification programs. The presence of our seal will indicate all course material being offered has gone through a thorough review process and is fully endorsed by the AEMAA.

The AEMAA is not a self-regulating accreditation agency, nor governmental authority. Application for endorsement and accreditation is voluntary for continuing medical education and certification program providers wishing to earn validation of their course offerings.

The American Emergency Medical Advisory Association (AEMAA) was created with a mission to provide health care professionals with peace of mind and confidence when they see our seal. Only the best medical self-study programs pass our thorough standard set. Ensuring online courses and testing programs follow current medical guidelines is the primary requirement for any organization earning our seal of approval. AEMAA endorsement signifies a medical self-study program's curriculum provides the highest level of educational integrity and effectiveness.

As a medical professional - Physician, Nurse, Physician Assistant, EMT - you may be required to certify or recertify certain credentials
as required by your profession, including continuing education credit hours to maintain your professional standing.
Our organization was founded with the purpose of separating online medical teaching programs - the excellent
from the inadequate- for your benefit. Our seal denotes the quality, cost-effectiveness and convenience
provided by a particular online service. AEMAA's prime intention is to increase opportunities for
medical professionals looking to obtain certification or training courses through online outlets.

AEMAA membership is free. Our seal is not for sale. AEMAA will review all aspects of every applicant,
and determine if the applicant is in complete compliance with all standards. The review process takes
between six-to-nine months.